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התקנת IdleRPG על לינוקס

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התקנת IdleRPG על לינוקס

Post  Admin on Thu May 23, 2013 4:46 am

מדריך התקנת IdleRPG על לינוקס

טוב במדריך הזה אני אסביר לכם באמצעות תמונות והסברים שככה תוכלו להבין יותר ברור!! אז אנחנו מתחילים
שלב1 ניכנסים לאתר הזה ומורידים את הגירסה היותר חדשה
v3.1.2 [current], Released June 6th, 2004. 41.5k. download. הגירסה יותר חדשה
שלב2 לאחר שהורדתם את הגירסה עליכם להיכנס לTERMINAL מערכת הפקודות ולהריץ את הקבצים והלו הפקודות

tar -xzf bot.v3.1.2.tar.gz
שלב 3 בהוראות כתוב לכם לפתוח טקסט חדש בשם .irpg.conf ואז מסתבר אתם מקבלים שגיאה כזאת

גם אחרי שאתם מסדרים את הקונף של הבוט ומנסים להריץ את הבוט אתם תקבלו את השגיאה הזאת

וכמובן שאפשר לסדר את זה!!!
שלב4 אנחנו מייצרים בתיקיה של הבוט רק את השם irpg.conf ואז עורכים אותו הכתובת של השרת שלכם ופורט וכינוי של אוונר לבוט.. תעתיקו את הקוד הזה

# Configuration file for IRPG bot. Prefix comments with a #. Line must start
# with a # to be a comment (no leading spaces and no comments starting in the
# middle of a line).
# If you don't personally know your admins, or you're just not the trusting
# type, you may want to look at the ownerpevalonly, owneraddonly, and
# ownerdelonly options. ownerpevalonly prevents non-owner accounts from using
# the PEVAL command, which can allow admins to execute arbitrary code under the
# username that the bot runs as. owneraddonly prevents non-owner accounts from
# assigning admin status to users. ownerdelonly prevents non-owner accounts from
# removing admin status from users
# 'disablepeval' option was renamed to 'ownerpevalonly'
# Command line options override options in this file.

# remove or comment out this line so the bot knows that you edited the config
# file

# local hostname or address to bind to. leave blank or comment out if you don't
# want to use a vhost

# server name:port, enter as many as you like
# bot's nickname
botnick IdleRPG

# bot's username
botuser IdleRPG

# real name field
botrlnm Idle RPG Game Bot

# channel name (followed by key, if your channel uses a key
botchan #IdleRPG s3cr3t.p4ss

# (identify) command to send upon successful connect. if using a privmsg
# command, you must begin the text of the message with a ":" -- see below
botident PRIVMSG NickServ :identify pass

# modes to set bot upon successful connect
botmodes +ix

# command to send upon joining channel. %botnick% will evaluate to the bot's
# current nickname, so you don't have to worry about opping the wrong person. if
# using a privmsg command, you must begin the text of the message with a ":" --
# see below
botopcmd PRIVMSG ChanServ :op #IdleRPG %botnick%

# command sent to recover nick if bot's primary nickname is in use if using a
# privmsg command, you must begin the text of the message with a ":" -- see
# below
botghostcmd PRIVMSG NickServ :ghost IdleRPG pass

# URL to send users to for help

# admin commands list (for admin help)

# base time to level up, 600 = 10 minutes
rpbase 600

# time to next level = rpbase * (rpstep ** CURRENT_LEVEL)
rpstep 1.16

# penalty time = penalty * (rppenstep ** CURRENT_LEVEL)
rppenstep 1.14

# player database file
dbfile irpg.db

# where quests/godsends/calamities are stored
eventsfile events.txt

# debug mode on/off flag, merely prints what text was received, what queue
# number outgoing text is given, and what text is sent to server (to the
# debug file, no longer to STDOUT)
debug off

# choose filename to send debug output to. text is appended to this file
# while the bot is in debug mode, in lieu of STDOUT
debugfile debug.txt

# Use URL-type banning for non-logged-in users that have been on the channel
# less than 90 seconds?
doban on

# URLs containing these terms will not be banned by the 'http:'
# advertisement ban (if you have it turned on). enter as many as you like

# modes of silence. in mode 0, bot sends all privmsgs. in mode 1, only
# chanmsg() is disabled. in mode 2, only privmsg() to non-channels is
# disabled. in mode 3, privmsgs to users and channels are disabled
silentmode 0

# write quest info file? all this file does is give outside programs info
# about the active quests, its participants, their positions, and time to
# completion
writequestfile on

# filename for the above-mentioned file
questfilename questinfo.txt

# voice users on login (and register)? if you like, you can set your channel
# +m, then +v clients as they login, cutting down on spam. however, if your
# users generally bring in a second client to chat with, that client won't
# be able to speak in the channel
voiceonlogin on

# disallow usernames and character classes with control codes (bold, color,
# underline, bell, etc)?
noccodes on

# disallow usernames and character classes that contain "non-printable"
# characters? it's a good idea to leave this option on, as I have had
# problems in the past with using binary hash keys
nononp on

# URL where users can reach the online quest map, if available. if not
# offering a map to users, leave this blank

# allow a STATUS command for users? this is a p0 command to view information
# on an irpg user. useful if you don't have a website where users can view
# their stats
statuscmd off

# filename to write our PID to. leave blank or comment out if pidfile is
# unnecessary to you

# attempt to reconnect if disconnected?
reconnect on

# seconds to wait before attempting to reconnect? don't hammer your irc
# network, please; 90+ seconds is suggested
reconnect_wait 120

# this is what the bot considers to be an "internal clock" of sorts. some
# examples of where this is used: $freemessages lines of text from the
# message queue are sent every self_clock seconds; every self_clock seconds,
# the players move on the map (self_clock times to simulate movement every
# second); HOGs, calamities, godsends, etc. are given a chance to occur
# every self_clock seconds; and the list goes on. if you have problems with
# the bot flooding off, try increasing this number to 4 or 5. if your bot
# appears to 'lag' because it is queueing too much text, you can set this
# as low as 1. this must be an integral value (no fractions), and it must be a
# factor of 60 (or certain events will not occur, like database rewrites)
self_clock 3

# file into which character modifier texts are appended
modsfile modifiers.txt

# disallow the registration of usernames already existing in a different
# case? ie, jon == Jon == JON
casematters on

# allow rudimentary netsplit detection, and a) give no penalty and b) log
# them back in upon return? I always suggest to users that they switch to
# the server that the bot is on, but this has been a frequent request, so.
# will pick up quit messages that match /^\S+\.\S+ \S+\.\S+$/. if your
# network does not prefix quit messages with "Quit: " (or something other
# string), then users can cheat this at their whim
detectsplits on

# time to wait for netsplit users to return? in seconds. 900 = 15 minutes, good
# for large nets
splitwait 900

# allow non-admin users some information on the bot, such as the server it
# is connected to and the nicknames of online admins via a p0 INFO command?
allowuserinfo on

# ignore the new scaling features and use the old method for calculating the
# odds of events occurring? if you have a very large game and were
# comfortable with the speed that HoGs, Godsends, Calamities, etc. were
# occurring, you may want to set this
noscale off

# allow bot to access each
# time someone registers a new username? it only takes a second, and I'd
# really like to be able to keep up with the total player count :^)
phonehome on

# username of the bot's owner. this account cannot be DELADMINed and has access
# to PEVAL even if it is disabled
owner [ASHER]:

# disable the PEVAL command for non-owner accounts? this command allows the
# execution of arbitrary Perl code by bot admins, effectively giving them
# complete control of the account under which the bot runs. I prefer to leave
# this command available and choose my admins with care, but, whatever :^)
ownerpevalonly off

# only owner account can use the MKADMIN command to assign admin status to
# users?
owneraddonly on

# only owner account can use the DELADMIN command to remove admin status from
# users?
ownerdelonly on

# check for newer versions each time the bot starts up? this will access the
# URL$version and report on
# any updated versions and what features there are/bugs have been fixed
checkupdates on

# send list of usernames that are automatically logged back in when we restart
# (iff that list is < 1 k)? this should, hopefully, no longer cause the bot to
# flood off. the function that sends text to the server will no longer send more
# than 768 bytes to the server every self_clock seconds. the old function would
# send as much as 5 * 512b or 2.5k each self_clock seconds, and as this was
# usually the feature that caused such a large amount of text to be sent at
# once, if your channel had a large amount of users, this would cause it to
# flood off. so, though I think the bug is fixed, I offer the option to turn
# this off
senduserlist on

# limit maximum amount of penalty for one event? this will prevent a user from
# being penalized more than <X> seconds for one event: part, privmsg, notice,
# kick, etc. set to 0 if you want to disable limiting.
# 604800 == 7 * 86400 == 1 week
limitpen 604800

# if you would like a custom-sized map, define the width of your map here:
mapx 500

# if you would like a custom-sized map, define the length of your map here:
mapy 500

# specify modes / line. the bot will override this from what it grabs from the
# server's 005 numeric, though, if anything. used only for auto-login voicing
modesperline 3
אחרי שעתקתם את כל הקונף של הבוט יש לכם עוד משהו לסדר תכנסו לתיקיה של הבוט ותשימו לב שבתמונה סימנתי לכם לאיזה קובץ להיכנס

ואז תחפשו את המילה הזאת .irpg.conf תמחקו רק את הנקודה ותשאירו את השם הקונף וזה יראה כך

יש למחוק רק את הנקודה ולא יותר!!
שלב5 אחרי שעשיתם את הכל תכנסו למערכת הפקודות TERMINAL ותכתבו את הפקודה הזאת כמובן שאני רוצה להזכיר שפקודה הזאת גם מפעילה את הבוט לאחר שאתם מנתקים את הבוט במידה ואין לכם שימוש בבוט

perl --debug
ואז בטרמינל אתם תראו מצב שאלות כאלו

פה אתם סתם כותבים כמו מירקס אדמין בקלאס

כאן אתם רושמים את הסיסמא שלכם

ופה הוא בודק את הכל לא לסגור את החלון הפקודות של הטרמינל!! ואז חברים שלכם יכולים להירשם לבוט והלו הפקודות

To register, simply:
/msg bot REGISTER <char name> <password> <char class>
להזדהות לבוט

/msg bot LOGIN <char name> <password>
לצאת מהזדהות

/msg bot LOGOUT
לשנות את הסיסמא

/msg bot NEWPASS <new password>
למחוק את היוזר שלך

/msg bot REMOVEME
כל הפקודות מופיעות לכם כאן ובנוסף הנה לכם הקונף בלינק
מדריך זה נעשה על ידי MIRCX STAFF
אני רוצה לומר הרבה תודות ל bloodymary שעזר ונתן מעצמו הרבה קרדיט ותודות
הקהילה הוותיקה

מספר הודעות : 267
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Age : 38
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