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guide all commands and flags Eggdrop

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guide all commands and flags Eggdrop

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 21, 2012 1:38 am

Bot/Eggdrop Commands for All +P Users

Command    Outcome
.addlog <text>    Allows you to add a message to the eggdrops log if something needs explaining, such as an eggdrop conflict. It will include your handle.
.away <message>    Set you away on the party line only.
.back    Back from away on the partyline only.
.botinfo    Returns a line for each eggdrop on the botnet with version, uptime, etc.
.bots    Returns a list of eggdrops on the botnet.
.bottree    Returns a list of eggdrops whcih are linked (if there are any linked eggdrops).
.channel <#channel>    Returns a list of the users on that channel.
.console <#channel> <+|-modes>    Changes your console modes for that channel.
.dob <your date of birth>    Sets your birthday in your whois in the eggdrop.
.echo <off|on>    Turns the repeat of what you say in the party line to others as off/on.
.email <your email addy>    Sets an email addy in your whois on the eggdrop.
.email none    Removes your listed email in the eggdrop.
.help    Returns a list of commands.
.help all    Returns a longer list of commends.
.help whois    Returns a lengthy defined list of user/eggdrop flags.
.help <command>    Returns the explanation on the specified command.
.info <#channel> <infoline>    Sets your infoline in the whois in the eggdrop.
.irl <name>    Sets your real name in the whois in the eggdrop.
.match <+|-flags> <#channel>    Finds what matches your search on the eggdrop.
.motd    Returns the MOTD that you saw when you first connected in DCC with the eggdrop.
.newpass <new password>    Changes your password on the eggdrop.
.nick <newnick>    Changes your nickname in the eggdrop only.
.notes erase <index|all>    Deletes the specified notes.
.notes index    Returns a list of notes left on the eggdrop for you.
.note <handle> <message>    Leaves a note for that user.
.notes read <index|all>    Returns a list of notes.
.quit [message]    Disconnects you on the partyline only.
.strip <modes>    Allows you to strip certain modes in the partyline, such as ASCII, bold, color, underline, etc.
.su <handle>    Allows you to change your nickname in the partyline to one that is on the eggdrops access list, if you know their password.
.trace <botnick>    Returns a list of eggdrops between the one you are on and the one you traced, if you have eggdrops that are linked.
.url <your URL>    Sets a URL in your whois in the eggdrop.
.url none    Removes your URL in the eggdrop.
.vbottree    Returns a list of eggdrops which are linked (if there are any linked eggdrops) along with their version of eggdrop.
.who    Returns a list of users on that eggdrop.
.whom    Returns a list of users on the botnet (if the eggdrops are linked).
.whois <handle>    Returns the users flags and added hostmasks.
Bot/Eggdrop Commands for +O Channel Ops

Command    Outcome
.act [#channel] <action>    Allows you to send an action (like the /me smiles command) to a channel as if the eggdrop performed the action.
.+ban <hostmask> [#channel] [time] [reason]    Sets a ban on that hostmask.
.-ban <hostmask|index>    Deletes a ban from the eggdrop banlist.
.bans <#channel|*|all>    Returns a list of bans on the eggdrop.
.deop <nickname> [#channel]    Deops (-o) the specified user, only if they do not have a +o on that channel in the eggdrops access list.
.devoice <nickname> [#channel]    Devoices (-v) the specified user, only if they do not have a +v on that channel in the eggdrops access list.
.+exempt <hostmask> [#channel] [time] [reason]    Exempts a user from kicks/bans
.-exempt <hostmask|index>    Removes a user from the exempt list.
.exempt <channel|*|all>    Returns a list of all who are exempt from kicks/bans.
.+invites <hostmask> [#channel] [time] [reason]    Invites are set the same way as bans above.
.-invite <hostmask|index>    Deletes a user from the invite list.
.invites <#channel|*|all>    Returns a list of users on the invite list.
.invite <nickname> [#channel]    Invites the specified user to the specified channel.
.kick <nickname> [#channel] [reason]    Kicks the specified user off of the channel. If no reason is given the default is 'requested'.
.kickban <nickname> [#channel] [reason]    Kicks and bans the user off the channel. If no reason is given the default is 'requested'.
.msg <handle> <text>    Allows a global +o/op (not a channel +o/op) to send private messages/queries through the eggdrop to users, as if the eggdrop sent the message.
.op <nickname> [#channel]    Gives the specified user temporary +o/op status in the channel specified.
.resetbans <#channel>    Resets the ban list so that any bans not in the eggdrops permanent ban list will be removed.
.resetexempts <#channel>    Resets the exempt list so that any bans not in the eggdrops permanent exempt list will be removed.
.resetinvites <#channel>    Resets the invites list so that any bans not in the eggdrops permanent invites list will be removed.
.say [#channel] <message>    Allows you to say something through the eggdrop to the channel.
.stick <ban|exempt|invite> <hostmask|index>    Adds the ban or exempt or invite permanently to the specified list.
.topic <message>    Changes the topic.
.unstick <ban|exempt|invite> <hostmask|index>    Removes the permanent status of the ban or exempt or invite and it then reverts to the time set in the eggdrops config-file.
.voice <nickname> [#channel]    Gives the specified user temporary +v/voice status in the channel specified.
Bot/Eggdrop Commands for +M Channel Masters

Command    Outcome
.adduser <handle|nickname>    Creates a record for the specified added user.
.chaninfo <#channel>    Returns a list of all the channels modes set through the eggdrop. Most can be changed in DCC rather than in the eggdrops config-file.
.chinfo <handle> <#channel> <info-line>    Sets an info-line for that user.
.+chrec <handle> [#channel]    Adds an empty channel so that laston and userlines can be stored.
.-chrec <handle> [#channel]    Removes the stored channel record, which includes laston, userlines and flags.
.deluser <handle>    Deletes the specified user from the eggdrops records.
Bot/Eggdrop Commands for +N Channel Owners

Command    Outcome
.chanload    Allows you to fix something you may have changed. It goes back to the file that was last saved.
.chansave    Saves the channel modes to a file when the eggdrop is rehashed or restarted.
.chanset <#channel> <settings>    Allows you to change most channel modes and settings. i.e. +nt or +seen
+chan <#channel>    Adds a channel to the list of channels the eggdrop will guard.
.-chan <#channel>    Removes a channel from the eggdrops channel list.
.chpass <handle> <password>    Changes the specified users password on the eggdrop.
.die    Kills the eggdrops connection and logs who performed this command. :(
.jump <server> [port]    The eggdrop parts the present server and joins the server that was specified.
.loadmod <modulename>    Loads a module.
.module <modulename>    Finds the module and returns stats on the requested module.
.module <botnick>    Returns a list of modules running on the specified eggdrop.
.rehelp    The eggdrop looks for new help commands and adds them.
.servers    Returns a list of servers in the eggdrops config-file that it uses to join the server.
.set <variable> <value>    Changes the variables that were set in the config-file.
.set ban-time <#channel>    Set the duration in for the ban in minutes before it is deleted.
.unloadmod <modulename>    Unloads a module.
Bot/Eggdrop Commands for +M Global/Botnet Masters

.backup    Creates a backup of the userlist, to the shell.
.banner <message>    Sends a message across the botnet.
.binds <type|all>    Displays a list of binds, with usage, that are being used by the eggdrops added tcl scripts.
.boot <handle|botnick>    Kicks someone off the partyline. Bot owners cannot be kicked :P
.+bot <botnick> <IP:bot-listening-port>    Adds an eggdrop to another eggdrops record.
.-bot <botnick>    Removes an eggdrop from another eggdrops record.
.botattr <botnick> <+|-flag(s)> [#channel]    Adds bot flags to another eggdrops record.
.chaddr <botnick> <IP:bot-listening-port>    Changes the info that was given in the .+bot info.
.chattr <handle|botname> <+|-flag(s)> [blank for global|#channel]    Adds/removes flags from a users record.
.clearqueue <mode|server|help|all>    Deletes information in the specified queue.
.comment <handle> <comment>    Adds a comment for the user that only botmasters and owners can view.
.dccstat    Returns a list of all connected to the eggdrop you are in, with some details attached.
.debug    Returns a list of memory allocations. Used only to find leaks in the eggdrop.
.+host <handle|botnick> <hostmask>    Adds a hostmask for the specified user.
.-host <handle|botnick>    Removes a hostmask for the specified user.
.+ignore <hostmask> [reason]    Adds that hostmask to the eggdrops ignore list so that anything sent to the eggdrops is simply ignored.
.-ignore <hostmask|index>    Removes that hostmask from the eggdrops records.
.ignores *    Searches the eggdrops records for all ignored users.
.link <botnick>    Links two eggdrops, so they have someone to chat with :)
.relay <botnick>    Changes your DCC chat to the one with the specified eggdrop.
.rehash    Reloads the config-file if you have changed a setting.
.reload    Reloads the last userlist if there was no .save done and ignores the changes if any were made since the last .save.
.reset <#channel>    Removes all the channel modes so that you can start over from the server records.
.restart    Restarts the eggdrop so that changes you may have made in the config-file will take affect. Works better than a .rehash.
.save    Saves the added/removed information to the shell.
.status    Returns the status of the channel and eggdrop.
.stats all    Returns a lengthy description of your eggdrops status.
.unlink <botnick>    Unlinks the eggdrop from the one specified.
.+user <handle> <hostmask>    Adds a user to the eggdrop record with one hostmask and no flags.
.uptime    Returns the duration the eggdrop has been online.
.-user <handle>    Removes a user from the eggdrops records.
IRC Friends
Bot/Eggdrop Flags

Flags are added so that the bot/eggdrop can tell what access the user/eggdrop has. This is NOT a right it is a privilege to be added to a bots/eggdrop access list. Global indicates the user has that flag on all the channels the eggdrop is on.

Command: .chattr <nickname> <+|-flag(s)> [#channel]

    .chattr Friend +o = global Op on all channels the bot/eggdrop is on.
    .chattr Friend +o #MyChannel = Op on #MyChannel only.
    .chattr Friend +o|+n #MyChannel = global Op on all channels the bot/eggdrop is on and owner on #MyChannel.
General Bot/Eggdrop Flags
Flag    Name    Definition
a    auto-Op    +a denotes the user is automatically Oped on join of a channel.
b    botAsterisk    +b denotes it is a bot.
c    common    +c denotes a user who is really just a public IRC site from which any number of people can use IRC, making the user@host information useless.
d    deOp    +d denotes the user can never be Oped.
f    friend    +f denotes a friend of the eggdrop, safe from the eggdrops kicks/bans.
g    auto-Voice    +g denotes the user is automatically Voiced on join of a channel.
h    hiliteAsterisk    +h denotes the user sees the help files differently with highlights, etc.
j    janitorAsterisk    +j denotes maintenance of the file area.
k    kick    +k is a permanent kick on that user.
m    master    +m denotes the user has access to most commands if global and only add/delete/modify user commands on a specified channel.
n    owner    +n denotes the user has full access if global and all channel commands on the specified channel.
o    Op    +o denotes the user is an Op.
p    party    +p denotes the user has access to the partyline.
q    quiet    +q denotes the user will never have voice status.
t    botnetAsterisk    +t denotes full access to the botnet.
u    unshareAsterisk    +u denotes records are not shared.
v    Voice    +v denotes the user has a Voice.
w    wasop-test    +w denotes the user can perform the +stopnethack channel test.
x    xfer    +x denotes full file transfer access.

Asterisk global only
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Bot/Eggdrop Only Flags

Bots/eggdrops have their own flags.
Command: .botattr <nickname> <+|-flag(s)> [#channel]
Although the .chattr <nickname> <+|-flag(s)> can also be used for the bots/eggdrop General flags, such as +of.
Flag    Name    Definition
a    alternate    +a denotes an alternative to the +h eggdrop. If the other eggdrops cannot link to the +h then they will try to link to the +a eggdrop until the +h can link then the +a eggdrop will be dropped.
i    isolate    +i denotes isolation across the partyline for the bobolink.
B    leaf    +B denotes the eggdrop cannot be linked in more than one place.
p    passive    +p denotes the user records are shared passively.
R    reject    +R denotes the eggdrop cannot be used to link.
s    share    +s denotes user records are shared aggressively.

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User Console Flags
These are used to change what you see on the console.
Command: .console [channel] <+|-flag(s)>
Flag    Definition
b    Returns eggdrop links/unlinks/userfile-sharing
c    Returns user DCC and message commands. +m or higher only.
d    Returns debug messages that only coders would care about. +m or higher only.
j    Returns joins, nick changes, parts, signoffs, etc. on the channel the current console.
k    Returns bans, kicks and mode changes on the current console.
m    Returns private msgs/CTCPs to the eggdrop.
o    Returns other eggdrop notices that 'b' does not cover.
Asterisk HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDAsterisk +m or higher only.
p    Returns public ctcps and talk on the channel.
r    Returns all raw text from the server (if enabled). Global +n only.
s    Returns server messages and connect/disconnects.
v    Returns raw text sent to the server (if enabled). Global +n only.
w    Returns messages between IRCops (wallops).
x    Returns file transfers and file-area commands. +m or higher only.
and if you want to start protection in your chan like this

set global-flood-chan 15:60
 set global-flood-deop 3:10
 set global-flood-kick 3:10
 set global-flood-join 5:60
 set global-flood-ctcp 3:60
 set global-flood-nick 5:60
 set global-aop-delay 5:30
you need inside with your bot in chat and write this commands

.chanset flood-kick 3:10
and you have more option in Eggdrop Dcc like if you want adduser your friends you write to your bot command like this

.adduser MATRIX
you can put flags your friends like this

chattr MATRIX +mn+xj+o.
if you look i put to matrix m is master n is owner and later you pur this your friend is need write message to your bot

/msg Bot pass yourpass
and if you want change to your friend host write this

.+host MATRIX *!MATRIX@*
and if you want your bot give to all masters and owner and you autoop write to your bot this command

.chanset #channel -dynamicbans +autoop

or something code and you look Messages from you bot
<FishBot> Successfully set modes { flood-kick { 3:10 } } on #KILLZONE.
<FishBot> [16:03:15] #ASHER# chanset #KILLZONE flood-kick { 3:10 }

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