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Guide load plugin in Supybot

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Guide load plugin in Supybot

Post  Chief on Sat Oct 18, 2014 1:08 am

Guide load plugin in Supybot  on windows and Unix
ok today i show to you how we load plugin from Unix and Windows and this very Different
first time if you used with supyBot on linux you need install the plugin


load PluginDownloader
if you see you can look about list and download from command like this


install GLolol OperUp
load OperUp
after this you need config your plugin more explain

if you see Error like this you need before write your config

config plugins.operup.operpass
config plugins.operup.opername
 config plugins.OperUp.opernets Omega
config plugins.operup.opername Admin
 config plugins.operup.operpass 123456
 config plugins.OperUp.opernets Omega
config supybot.plugins.OperUp.autoOper True

if do you see when you restart your Bot then he auto up to oper
now about command your Bot can make everything in your Network if you used with Aka Command or Alias then you need load two things

install ProgVal Aka
load Aka
after you load Aka you can set command if you Admin in your Network and you want kill client from your Bot
you can set command to your Bot like this

aka add kill "ircquote kill $1 :$*"
kill mircx reason

if do you want your Bot banned someone from your Network this mean like ZLINE OR GLINE whatever then you need again write to Aka command and you can set zline on client from your Bot this look like this

aka add zline "ircquote ZLINE $1 $2 :$*"
zline mircx 43434 reason
aka add GLINE "ircquote GLINE $1 $2 :$*"
Gline mIRCx 43434 ByeBye my friend!

ok after this if do you want select more command to your Bot you can do this like


aka add samode "ircquote samode $1 $2 :$*"
samode #mircx +o SupyBot

if you want you have very much command and select more command like Sakick

aka add SAKICK "ircquote SAKICK $1 $2 :$*"
sakick #SupyBot mircx


aka add mode "ircquote mode $1 $2 :$*"
mode #SupyBot +w a:mircx*!*@*


aka add SETHOST "ircquote SETHOST $1 $2 :$*"
sethost SupyTopy.mIRCx SupyBot


aka add OJOIN "ircquote OJOIN $1  :$*"
ojoin #SupyBot
when you want remove something from Aka then you can used with this

list aka
aka remove kill


aka add CBAN "ircquote CBAN $1 $2 :$*"
CBAN #123 3h4m5s gg


aka add SAQUIT "ircquote SAQUIT $1 $2 :$*"
saquit mircx see you
more thing and is new now you can now make to your bot auth to Q in Quakenet and used with your bot for other things

load Quakenet
@config plugins.quakenet.authname younick
@config plugins.quakenet.password yourPassword
@quakenet auth
ok for Hidden your host in bot you need inside to config and write there +x
supybot.protocols.irc.umodes: +x

more command if do you want your bot to other network then write command to your Bot

@network connect quakenet
@network disconnect quakenet
more thing with Aka you can set from Aka oper for your Bot

@aka add oper "ircquote oper $1 $2"
//msg Dogi oper Admin 123456
and more command for the bot if you run Services like X3 or Borknet then you can set for your Bot mode

@aka add umode "owner ircquote mode [utilities echo $botnick] $1"
//msg RoBot umode  +X
more commands Limnoria if do you want set in your channel notice when client inside to your channel then load it

@load Herald
@herald default Welcome to Limnoria SupyBot
and you need doing it also

@config search notice
@load Note
more commands if do you want find your friend in a Network then write it

@load Seen
@seen #mIRCx darksis*
to Download
very much Thanks and credit to  Glolol about fix this for Limnoria
all command to SupyBot Good to Opres and Admin for windows you need download plugin and put in folder
Good Luck!!
Creadit and Big thanks to GLolol and Mikaela about Help
Guide By mIRCx IRC Network
for windows you can download plugins for oper in here

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