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Guide install X3 Services

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Guide install X3 Services

Post  Chief on Sat Sep 29, 2012 2:17 am

Guide install X3 Services
X3 is a complete set of services for Nefarious IRCu
ok before we start in guide i want to say about X3 Services this first time the mIRCx try run new project X3 Services, ok now we start but first you need download New version X3 1.8 from here inside to Terminal and write this

git clone
before you configure you need first install libtre-dev and after configure because we get this

then this first

sudo apt-get install libtre-dev

cd x3
./configure --prefix=/home/mircx/x3 --enable-modules=memoserv,helpserv --enable-debug
make clean
make install
after you configure and enable modules helpserv then you need to do like this
you need write the command like this

/msg O3 bind O3 helpserv *helpserv.helpserv
after you need to do like this

/msg O3 helpserv help
and you see in channel o3 show you options like this

after that you need write like this

/msg O3 helpserv register
and you see like this and now you can create new bot for help


/msg o3 helpserv register mIRCxHelp #mIRCx darksis
and you see your bot inside to your channel but first register your channel and create bot to help..
For run memoserv you need  write the command

/msg o3 bind memoserv * *memoserv.*
/msg o3 service add MemoServ mIRCxNET.Services Memorandum Service
/msg o3 bind memoserv help *
/msg o3 bind memoserv set *memoserv.set
/msg o3 modcmd memoserv.send
x3.conf options

"uplinks" {
    // This first entry connects to an ircd on teh same server an X3..
    "Hub" {  // This can be any string, just used here for your convenience
        "address"        "IP";  
        "port"           "4400";      
       "password"       "PASS";  
       "their_password" "PASS";  .
        "enabled"        "1";  
        "max_tries"      "10";
       "bind_address"   "IP";
and after you need fix your name network and you need set name server like in ircd.conf for connect X3

"server" {
    "hostname" "X3.mIRCxNET.Services";
   "description" "mIRCxNET Network Services"; .
    "network" "mIRCxNET";
  "hidden_host" "Users.mIRCxNET.Org";
also you need to fix this

"admin" (
         "mIRCxNET IRC Network",
        "Support Staff <>"
now authserv

"email_enabled" "0"; // Allow account verification and password reset by email.
        "email_required" "0"; // if above is 1, require verification to authenticate.
also this you need fix

"opserv" {
        "nick" "O3";
        // should use of this service be limited to global opers?
        "privileged" "1";
       // fullname for service
        "description" "Oper Service Bot";
       // hostname for service; only used if "description" is also set
        "hostname" "X3.mIRCxNET.Services";
also this you need fix it if do you want send with email change to 1 if do you no want change to 0

"mail" {
    "enable" "0";
    "mailer" "/usr/sbin/sendmail";
    // OR Afternet uses a custom script to keep the services IP hidden:
   //    "mailer" "/home/x3user/x3/";
    "from_address" "";
    "extra_headers" ("mIRCxNET-Services: x3");
    "body_prefix_first" ("Welcome to AfterNET, looks like this is your first email from us.");
    "body_prefix" ("mIRCxNET Support - User and Channel registration system");
    "body_suffix_first" ("", "mIRCxNET IRC Network", "");
    "body_suffix" ("", "mIRCxNET IRC Network", "", "","irc://");

after you fix your config you need run X3

cd x3
./x3 -fd
you need register to AuthServ and this commands

/msg AuthServ@X3.mIRCxNET.Services REGISTER <account> <password> <email>
/msg AuthServ help
for register channel

/msg X3 REGISTER #bla
or if do you want select more owner in your channel then write it

//msg x3 adduser  #mircx Nick 500
if  you want set messages notice  to all join channel

/msg X3 SET <#channel> GREETING <message>
for help you need write

/msg X3 help
you have many commands in X3 like auto kick like this

/msg X3 AddLAMER #feds jojo!Pricaonica*@ bey
and akick with time you need write

/msg X3 ADDTIMEDLAMER #feds  jojo!Pricaonica*@ 34434 See you more 43434 time
more thing about register channel with x3 if do you oper or user normal and you try register like 3 channel and you get meesage like it

then what do you need is change in x3.conf this and up more options register channel

// maximum number of channels a user may have. ( FORCE can override )
        "max_owned" "20";
more options in X3 services you can also set blacklist from proxy and using in bopm but in X3.conf you need fix blacklist and open new file in folder blacklist.txt.......
more options command if you up to oper and you have access from O3 and you want select more access to oper you need write

/msg O3 help access
/msg O3 ACCESS MIRCX 1000

"blacklist" {
        // File containing blacklisted client addresses.
        // "file" "blacklist.txt";
        // Each line in the file should start with an IP or hostname.
        // If there is whitespace and a message after that, the
        // message will override this one:
        "file_reason" "client is blacklisted";
        // How long should a blacklist G-line last?
        "gline_duration" "1h";
        // If you want to use DNS blacklists, add them here:
        "dnsbl" {
             // This DNSBL zone does not exist - you'll have to pick your own.
             "" {
                "description" "";
                "reason" "busted by a dns blacklist";
                "duration" "1h";
                // You can stick the client's IP in the G-line message.
                "reason_2" "Example DNSBL reported %ip%'s address as";
                // .. or the contents of a DNS TXT.
                "reason_3" "%txt%";
more optins if you want auth to authserv you can change cmd in ircd.conf to this

Command {
   cmd = "X3";
   service = "AuthServ@X3.mIRCxNET.Services";
# would result in commands like this being possible
# /X3 HELP
 Command {
    cmd = "AUTH";
    service = "AuthServ@x3.mIRCxNET.Services";
    prefix = "AUTH";
and you can write in mirc auth and account and pass.................................
more options in X3 the options about NOTE if you try write command NOTE to X3 and you


/msg X3 CREATENOTE users  SETTER ALL 450
/msg X3 CREATENOTE oplog  SETTER ALL 450
and after you can write command

/msg X3 NOTE #mircx new users welcome to the mircx
it's look like this

more options about SpamServ if you want this spamserv join to your Server you need remove double slashes back and this look like this

"spamserv" {
            // You may enable this service by removing the double slashes from the config
            // item. To disable it again add the double slashes back.
             "nick" "SpamServ";
           // debug channel
            "debug_channel" "#admin";
remove slashes from where nick and if you want Spamserv join to channel you need first write

/msg X3 God on
but if your Normal user try join Spamserv after he register new channel and he see something look like this

you need write two command for O3 remeber you need access to o3

/msg O3 modcmd SpamServ.register channel_access 500
/msg O3 modcmd SpamServ.register flags -helping
/msg spamserv REGISTER #yourchannel
options in spamserv

in Spamserv you have many protection and you can select protection like Addbadword
and it's working like this

/msg spamserv help
/msg spamserv help addbadword
/msg spamserv #mircx Addbadword Bambi
for working you need start protection and you need write to spamserv

/msg spamserv set #mircx badwordscan
/msg spamserv set #mircx BADREACTION 1
it's look like this

after you select protection and you can need more select like chanflood and joinflood for start with protection joinflood you need write to spamserv

 /msg spamserv  set #mIRCx  JOINFLOODSCAN 1
/msg x3 dellamer #mircx Chief
the protection joinflood it's look like this

and when you want remove ban from spamserv it's from X3 dellamer.....
ok now we can talk about chanflood you have some options in spamserv about chanflood you can set some condition kick and kickban and kill if you oper and it's like this

/msg spamserv help set WARNREACTION
/msg spamserv  set #mircx WARNREACTION 4

when the client try flood then spamserv send him message warning with notice and if client continue then he kill from server....
ok now i talk about global if someone he want set message for all client connect to Server then he need write like that

/msg Global message target users from mIRCxNET text Welcome to the mircx
then its look like that

ok when you want used with option in modes
and select something you need modes for channel or to users see please My explanation if you want to know what modes you have in option in modes channel


/msg X3 help modes channel

/msg X3 help modes user

this commands

/msg X3 set #bopm modes p
/msg X3 set #bopm modes -p

if you see i try remove the mode k and X3 back this used with command

/msg X3 set #bopm modes k password
/msg X3 set #bopm modes -k password

/msg X3 set #bopm modes +N
/msg X3 set #bopm modes +C
and more thing if do you try register channel with a number and you get from X3 message with notice like it

then inside to x3.conf and remove from there it

more things about commands to X3 you need options select what level in your channel can change topic then you write for this command to X3

//msg x3 #test set topicsnarf 500
more thing about some modules in x3.conf you can run also track and Snoop this channel for Admin and Opers and for install this do you need set in x3.conf this

 // Show new users and joins from net joins? (off by default)
        "show_bursts" "1";
if you run snoop or track and after install the two modules

./configure --prefix=/home/mircx/x3 --enable-modules=snoop,track
and after rehash your Services and restart

/msg o3 Restart Bla
after this you can join to the some channel for Admin MrSnoopy MrPeanuts

its mean if you try install gcc or libtre-dev then its not work this only on System Centos linux
ok more thing important after you register to AuthServ and you get something host from Services oper can change host for him  and for to a new client with a name nick and new host he want


//msg Authserv addmask Welding@Welding.pipeline
after this you need enable the your host doing like this


//msg AuthServ oset Welding fakehost Welding.pipeline
after you doing this you need disconnect from server or stay for look if your host name change

more commands to opers from authserv if do you want register someone you can doing this your client inside to your network and you start to register him and set host for him but first time you need create a new account


/msg AuthServ@X3.mIRCxNET.Services OREGISTER Test 123456  Test
after if your client restart from your network and he try auth to authserv and he get something like this

then you need set for your client host and after he can auth to a account

//msg authserv oaddmask *Test *@*
//msg authserv accountinfo *Test
more thing if someone user register and he no inside to network then  you can remove him from authserv

//msg authserv  ounregister *chire

more commands to o3 if do you want join authserv or global you can make this with this commands

/msg o3 dump :x3 part #channel
/msg o3 dump :global join #channel
more commands is very important to opers when you run Services you need write to o3 some commands beacuse the your client not a use with  this if you give to someone op in your channel and your client with user normal he can move x3 from your channel to else channel then beacuse this you need write this

/msg O3 modcmd x3.move flags +oper
/msg O3 modcmd x3.CUNSUSPEND flags +oper
/msg O3 modcmd x3.expire flags +oper
/msg O3 modcmd x3.csuspend flags +oper
/msg O3 modcmd x3.merge flags +oper
more commands if do  you want ues with x3 for help how register nick to Authserv write this a first time

/msg o3 bind x3 register-nick say $1n- : To register an account use /msg Authserv REGISTER dark 12345
/msg o3 bind x3 auth-nick say $1n- : explain auth to your account use /auth dark 123456
and if you want user without register to Authserv  can get also access to help how register to Authserv then write this

/msg O3 modcmd X3.auth-nick flags -oper
/msg O3 modcmd X3.register-nick flags -oper
if do you want set gline to someone user then this a commands

//msg o3 GLINE *@ 32323 sdsd
download x3 1.8
you can used with config and fix only ip and password Config fix By mIRCx
creadit to Andromeda and voice about a help and to afternet staff
Guide write By mIRCx Staff

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