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Post  Chief on Thu Sep 13, 2012 4:08 am


i up more file for gatherbot you need put all file in your folder mirc
Player commands

!join/!add -- Join the current pickup
!new <gametype> <map> -- Make a new pickup running on <gametype> with the map <map>
!status/!slots/!teams -- View the pickup status
!remove/!leave/!exit -- Leave the current pickup
!map <map> -- Change the current map
!gametypes -- View the available gametypes
!maplist <gametype> -- View the maplist for a gametype
!ip -- View the list of servers
!server <serverip> -- Perform a query with the relevant addon for specified server ip
!playernum <number> -- Reduce/increase the number of player slots in the current pickup (only works if there are no slot types other than Other and Spectator, otherwise, you have to use !mode)
!mode <gametype> -- Switches the bot to another gametype, mid-pickup. Will try to keep current players in, but obviously if the slot types are different, this isn't guaranteed.
!need <number> -- After a pickup has been filled, players can use this to try and get a quick replacement or two.
!version -- Info about BattleBot.
!give <nick> -- Pickup owner can use this to give ownership of the pickup to someone else
(new to 2.4) !host <server> -- If userhosts is set to $true in settings.ini, then this allows pickup creators to specify where the games will be located.
!cancel -- Cancel the pickup
!checkfull -- Sometimes, the pickup bot will disconnect at the worst possible time and not proceed when the pickup is apparently full. Players can use this command to force the bot to check if the pickup is full.
!mapvote -- Pickup owners can use this to start voting for maps in advanced mode. Turn this off by setting votetime=0.
!vote <map> -- Players can vote during a mapvote with this command.
!last -- This command displays information on the last game played on the bot.
!delay -- This command notifes the channel of the current message response delay.
   Admin (operator) commands:
!admin new <gametype> <map> -- Force a new pickup (see !new)
!admin stop/!admin clear/!admin cancel -- Cancel the current pickup
!admin on/off/lock/unlock -- Lock/unlock the pickup bot on or off
!admin map <map> -- Force a map
!admin give <nick> -- Give the ownership of the pickup to <nick>
!admin autopick -- Force an autopick for a team captain who appears to AFK
!ptempban <nick> -- Ban <nick> from joining or creating pickups for 24 hours (your client must be on 24/7 for this to work!)
!punban <nick> -- Unban someone.
!pban <nick> -- Ban <nick> from joining/creating pickups permanently
!topic [topic] -- If you specify a [topic], then this command will set the topic in the current channel. If you just write !topic on its own, the bot will set the topic to one last set with this command. Sometimes the bot will not correct a topic after a pickup has finished, so this command can be useful.
(new to 2.5) !forceadd <player> <position> -- Forcibly add <player> into the pickup in position <position>.
(new to 2.5) !forcerem <player> -- Forcibly remove <player> from the current pickup.
   Debug commands:
!debug -- Shows you the name and position of all the players in the pickup according to the hidden database. Example: O3 = Other 3, D1 = Defence 1, S2 = Spectator 2 etc. etc.
!debugadd <user> <position> -- If a user is having trouble leaving the pickup or joining it, for whatever reason, you can manually add a user to the database like this. This is quite an advanced command, but to add someone, you need to type the command followed by the irc nick, followed by the correct position. Overwriting an existing position will cause more problems, so use !debug to check which position is missing first.
!debugrem <user> <position> -- This will remove a player from <position>. Again, check !debug to make sure the position is correct.
!delay -- Shows information about the current message queuing. Use this if the bot appears unresponsive.
!checkfull -- Forces the bot to check if the pickup is full.
to download
or from here
Good luck and Enjoy

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