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Guide install Botnix

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Guide install Botnix

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 22, 2012 6:17 am

Guide BMT
Topic install botnix
botnix for linux
ok before i start in guide i want explain about botnix this bot is have commands and is can connect to ircd and i explain step by step how we configure botnix.......................

you see in  picture bot from version botnix for install botnix we need download
or from here
after you download the botnix to your linux you need install

tar xvfj botnix.tar.bz2
cd botnix
cp botnix.example.conf botnix.conf
nano botnix.conf
in nano botnix.conf you need fix conf and i explain how....

network "KishorNeT" {
// there may be multiple servers to try on a network.
address ""
address ""
// is not available for use
nickname "BotName"
ident "nix"
fullname "botnix test bot"
channel "#feds,#music,#KILLZONE" {
versionreply "in here you can write everything?"
you can put more options to more channels... ok after you fix conf you need run your bot

cd botnix
if you try install botnix and you have error like this

if you see you have problem and you need install
perl and Socket6 this code

perl --version
make --version
sudo cpan
install Socket6
install Digest::SHA1
install Net::SSLeay
install Getopt::Long
install Carp qw(cluck);
and you need again run your bot and you see in Terminal

if you see you bot is start but if you want access in bot you need take command from Terminal and write in mirc then you see this


/msg yourBot init-5082466
/msg yourbot login yourpass
if you want change pass old

/msg bmt pass STDLagFJ yourpass
if you owner and master and all commands you write to your bot and yourbot send to you
message like this
Notice: <BMT> You do not have the operator flag on
this mean you no have operator in conf you need write in botnix.uf flags for your and for your friends and this commands

ASHER FLAG _ _ owner operator
ASHER DESC Default botnix owner
News FLAG _ _ Master operator
News DESC  Master
Do not touch in botnix.uf or change in pass or host
botnix commands

/msg botnix op #chan nick
/msg botnix DEOP  <#channel> <nick>
/msg botnix KICKBAN [network] <#channel> <reason>
/msg botnix ADDFLAGS <handle> <network> <#channel> <flags>
/msg botnix ADDMASTER <nick> <channel>
/msg botnix ADDOP <nick> <channel>
//msg botnix ban add NanaChat #reut Chief lalala
ok if do you want select more owner oper in your bot you need write to bot all this

//msg bmt ADDUSER Nick owner
//msg bmt ADDFLAGS Nick NanaChat #reut _ _ owner operator
//msg bmt ADDHOST Nick *
//msg bmt CHPASS Nick 123456
and more commands you can visit in here
Guide By BMT

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