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Guide ThePBot Vs Bopm

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Guide ThePBot Vs Bopm

Post  Admin on Thu May 24, 2012 11:18 pm

Guide mIRCx
before i start the guide i explain what we look today and how much protection is strong
THEPBot or Bopm i also explain in pictures
ok we start
step 1
P: Proxyscan Service Module: it will check for open proxies with connecting clients
is module services run in Quaekent and borknet services is working very good and if someone is want to flood in your server ircd then is search clients and gline from server if clients is inside from proxy and i explain how is work see please in pictures

you see how much user inside to server proxy clones and the modules Service P gline all proxy and look i have 6 clones if i want put more address i can but some address is run from and this no good for Admin beacues if you put many address and no check ip then all your clients get banned from your server.. and more options i can take ip and put in blacklist and the modules P did work......................
step 2
Bopm is bot run from linux and from windows but the protection no 100% you see in server is have two bots version bopm and bopm no work 100% look please in pictures

you see how much clones and this no work 100% and no strong like THEPBOT the module service
this P.conf to borknet services

# 01000010 01101111 01110010 01101011 01001110 01100101 01110100
# 888888b.                    888      888b    888          888
# 888  "88b                  888      8888b  888          888
# 888  .88P                  888      88888b  888          888
# 8888888K.  .d88b.  888d888 888  888 888Y88b 888  .d88b.  888888
# 888  "Y88b d88""88b 888P"  888 .88P 888 Y88b888 d8P  Y8b 888
# 888    888 888  888 888    888888K  888  Y88888 88888888 888
# 888  d88P Y88..88P 888    888 "88b 888  Y8888 Y8b.    Y88b.
# 8888888P"  "Y88P"  888    888  888 888    Y888  "Y8888  "Y888
# The BorkNet Services Core config file
# only change what's after the = sign.
# if you want to add comment lines, use #

# Settings about the Server itself

# the name of the server
description=mIRCxNeT Proxyscan Service

# the services displayed nick

# the servers ident

# the servers host

# the server numeric (unique in network)

# Proxyscanner specific settings

# the IP of the server running the proxy server

# the IP or host the server will try to connect to

# should I display a warning to users being scanned? (true/false);

# should I gline positive matches? (true/false);

# the ports that should be checked

# Blacklist DB url
# most blacklists use the following system
# example: your ip is
# the lookup address would be
# you can add multiple lists by seperating them with a comma,,,,,,

# how long do we cache successfull hits (hits that are proxies)
# this is also the duration of the gline that will be set
# in seconds

# how long do we cache unsuccessfull scans (hits that are clean)
# in seconds

# list of ip's we won't scan

# 01000010 01101111 01110010 01101011 01001110 01100101 01110100
Guide By mIRCx

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